We are committed to using organic, sustainably wildcrafted, and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. We focus on using healthy ancestral foods including traditional fats, pastured meats, soaked, sprouted or soured grains, fermented veggies, and raw cheeses - without raising our prices so that our food contributes to community health and well-being.

Become a member (it's not expensive!) and receive special invitations to our weekend Brunches and Big Meals, as well as special Events!

te amo café & supper club

when in doubt, add butter

Welcome to the the Te Amo Café & Supper Club - membership based and family run, the café offers family style meals at the farm or farm-stand for Visitors and Villagers alike. Located just off Highway 60 in Magdalena, New Mexico, the Te Amo Café & Supper Club is nestled at the foot of Magdalena Mountain. Run by The Arias family, the supper club is supplied by Tierra Soul's herb and vegetable gardens as well as by the Magdalena School greenhouses and our sweet pastured laying hens. Contact us to become a member (its only $5) and start receiving invitations to upcoming Brunches and Big Meals!

($5 membership fee gives you a $5 discount for your first meal)
to hear about all our upcoming Brunches & Big Meals

We start with heritage varieties of hard red wheat from Jenkins Creek Ranch in Idaho. We combine this special flour with whole grain sourdough bread making traditions to make a healthy light and easily digestible whole grain pizza dough!

We then combine this with our secret sauce and market fresh toppings that we source as locally as possible - some things are just worth importing, like olives and anchovies, 


Crêpes are an egg filled french style thin pancake that lend well to scrumptious fillings. The higher protein content in these pancakes make them all the more nutritious. On top of it all, we use traditional sourdough techniques to increase their nutritional bioavailability and digestibility. 


We start with our Herd Share caprine & bovine dairy and add in our love of market flavors to create delicious & healthful fresh raw ice cream. some of our flavors include: french vanilla bean, honey lavender, mint leaf with shredded dark chocolate , mango coconut, mexican xocolatl, prickly pear lime, strawberry citrus, and jasmine tea. We are always dreaming up new combinations so join our newsletter to get weekly updates!

Ice cream

Try our house made Kefir Sodas. Vanilla Rose & Blood Orange Cream Sodas, Local Prickly Pear, Hibiscus Lime, or Blackberry Jasmine... Yummmmm!!! We hope you love them as much as we do, it's pretty much the only non-water drink we have in our household!


Slow Food meets Food Cart simplicity - in 2003 Krista designed and built her first food cart called Fold Crêperie. 

more of our story coming soon . . .

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