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Would you love to feel healthier and more vibrant every year?

Yes, you want to look and feel your absolute best regardless of your age. You believe that vitality and well-being do not need to be sacrificed to bearing children, or growing older. You want to shine authentically from the inside out. You want you children to understand and appreciate preventative health care that is individual and based in nutritional science, but also in tradition and myth, symbol and story. You want to pay for health care that keeps you healthy and would rather do without the kind that fights disease. Yes, you would really really love all that. ahh…..

And yet, right now you are feeling stuck.

You’ve been eating well for awhile, but can’t seem to really get your energy back. Or maybe you know you are doing too much but aren’t able to get your mind to stop racing and settle. Perhaps you are just getting started and need some extra support to find the energy to get this whole Traditional Foods thing off the ground!

You have tried everything to feel better:

Doctors, Naturopaths maybe even Therapists. You’ve had some success, but you just haven’t been able to find deep vitality and contentment. You keep hearing about wellness and peaceful living, but for some reason it seems beyond your grasp. Perhaps you’ve even given up and accepted that it’s just the way you are.

I know how it feels . . .

After discovering Traditional Foods when I was 36, I had an initial breakthrough in how I felt. It was truly amazing. My digestion improved and my depression lifted. But, the pain in my hips and my deep exhaustion left me feeling like a bit of a fraud. Here I was a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Chapter Leader for the Portland Weston A. Price Foundation, and I couldn’t really say I felt GREAT!

Then I discovered Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis was able to leave my plateau behind. Within weeks I was able to slow myself down (without losing out) and also feel more energy and solidity for what was really important in my life. Lifelong chronic constipation cleared immediately, my period started cycling with the moon, and by the third week I was dreaming again after a long span of only occasional dreams.

Around this time I also became interested in Metabolic Healing and have incorporated its wisdom into my work as well. This means restoring your metabolic function and electrolytic balance so that your body runs smoothly and efficiently. Metabolic Healing can hep you embrace the pleasure of eating and your natural healthy body weight without restriction.

On top of all this I also use my signature process Myth Mending, to help you overcome deep emotional or spiritual blocks to your full and vital recovery. This process is gentle yet powerful and will spill over into your entire life to restore the flow of love and well-being in your life.

I now continue to improve both physically and psychologically as does my whole family and now my clients as well.

That is why I created this unique Nutritional Therapy program:

I have thoroughly incorporated Nutritional Balancing Science, Metabolic Healing and Myth Mending into my Nutritional Therapy practice and am seeing amazing results. Healing Foods when combined with a targeted supplementation protocol that works with synergies and antagonisms of minerals and nutrients is a powerful and effective way to recover and restore vitality. And even the most stubborn plateaus can be worked through with the help of your body’s somatic wisdom though Myth Mending.

Nutritional Therapy is incredibly complicated and nuanced and can often help with even the most stubborn stucknesses. Along with it’s Detoxification Therapies, Nutritional Therapy restores nutrient stores that have been lost over generations due to declining use of traditional foods as well as the decrease in nutrient density of much of the food available to us.

You can do it!

Nutritional Therapy protocols are designed to be easy to follow if you take it one step at a time. You may even feel worse at times before you feel better. However, my experience is that if you can stick to the program for at least 6 months (or through an initial test and one re-test), you will have so many positive results that you will start to look forward to the discomforts, knowing they are part of healing and restoration of even deeper vitality and contentment!

Who Nutritional Therapy is for:

  • Anyone interested in receiving in depth, individual and supportive nutritional program.
  • People who have tried everything else and need something that really works.
  • Anyone willing to take responsibility for their health as well as surrender to what is.
  • People open to new and powerful protocols even if they are a little unusual.

Who Nutritional Therapy is NOT for:

  • People who don’t want to take ANY supplements at all.
  • Vegans and inflexible vegetarians.
  • People who don’t really want to feel better and blame the world for their problems.
  • People looking for a miracle cure.

Get Started:

Nutritional Therapy with Krista: $1,297 **
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  • 2 Computer generated Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Tests (3 months intervals) and comprehensive Reports.
  • Written report with Supplement recommendations and ordering instructions.
  • 300 question Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (aka The DIY Supplement Oracle).
  • You will also get the Top Ten Supplement Eliminator.
  • One hour consultation (via Skype) about your initial Nutritional Therapy program.
  • All necessary behind the scenes preparation to create tailored sessions and individual programs.
  • Priority email access and support (you’ll get into my special secret inbox) for 1 full month.
  • “Getting to the Deeper Roots of Nutritional Imbalances” package (aka Myth Mending).
  • Weekly 30 minute Skype check-in meetings for the first 4 weeks, then 15 minute telephone meetings every 2 weeks for 12 more weeks.
  • One hour consultations after your second Hair Test to assess your progress and to explore options for going deeper in the next phase of your healing.
  • Priority email access and support (you’ll get into my special secret inbox) for 6 full months.

*Does not include the cost of supplements. Please budget $150 – $250/month for supplements

** I require you to have/do the Seasonal Cleanse Kit (or equivalent)