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Join us in a magical 28 day exploration of Inner Winter

Interested in how being connected to the earth and your instinctual ancestral self can make Sustainability actually sustainable for YOU?

Each day for 28 days we will explore the natural world, the stones, the plants, the animals and ourselves. We will ask our heads, our hands and our hearts to unveil the mysteries of the season. Drawing on Lazy-Lady Living principles and daily contemplations we will guide you into a deep honoring of your inner light. Grasping this light allows you to enter the deeper places of darkness and transformation that Winter inevitably brings. Make this the year you grasp the inner reality and symbolism of Winter, Solstice and the cultural festival of light we call Christmas. The Inner Winter Celebration will be full of insights connecting you and your inner reality to the essence of the season, the cold quiet stillness of the earth.

Delve into the inner mysteries of the Season.

The Thanksgiving, Advent, Solstice and Christmas season is one of the most triggering and misunderstood times of the year. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally participate in the cultural festival of light while also honoring the inevitable depth and darkness of the season. It is possible. You don’t have to resist it anymore, but actually embrace it and within it you will find an alchemical transmutation, the one you’ve longed for forever. Let’s restore Inner Winter and all it’s power… together.

The Celebration starts 28 days before each Winter Solstice.


LLL 28 Day inner winter celebration


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*Photo Credit: Kris Antonius of Tiny Peasant