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3 LLL Secrets for changing the world

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In this 4 part Video Salon we will introduce ourselves (a chance for you to get to know us a little in our very own living room) and share 3 Lazy-Lady Secrets. These 3 secrets, or principles, will allow you to get started with your farmers dream, whether or not you have a scrap of land or not. We have been at this farming/permaculture thing for over 10 years now and have chosen the 3 things you MOST need to receive if you want to be more connected to the earth and the food you eat.

We started with a romantic shift to the SLOW food lifestyle which soon led to a passion for traditional and indigenous foods. Within a few years we began to crave more connection to food production distribution and preparation. Along with ancestral traditional and ceremony, we have been cooking and farming ever since…. now along with our 2 kids we run the Tierra Soul Urban Farm & Guesthouse.

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Yup, that is our living room


The 3 principles we will share with you are taken from a much longer list that we teach in our 8 week Lazy-Lady Living program so you’ll also get a taste of that – and an invitation to join us in the program. However, the 3 Secrets Salon is free and designed to change your life whether or not you end up joining us in the LLL program or not!

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Once you sign-up below you will receive an email with instructions for entering the Salon. Once you are inside you will have access to all 4 of the content videos to watch at your own pace -no waiting for the next video release!

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