We are a Mama, Papa and two little ones – well, not so little anymore! We have tended goats, ducks (including the famous Hettie Quackers), chickens, bees and an expanding fruit, flower, herb and vegetable garden based on permaculture principles. In 2015, we began our focus on honey bee-keeping and creating a bee sanctuary of our small urban farm.

Tierra Soul was born at the convergence of four deep influences:

Krista is a philosopher-poet minister-midwife. She has three (yes 3) masters degrees and certification in Nutritional Therapy and Somatic Experiencing. She is an ongoing student of ceremony and ritual, an advocate for natural burial and home-funerals as well as undisturbed birth. Krista earned her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2010. You can read more about her HERE.

David comes from a long line of inventors and is always up to makin’ something! A chicken plucker out of a plastic pvc pipe and a household drill, a cheese press from a tin can, a circuit connector from a bobby pin or a chicken coop from a bathtub box and a couple palettes. He is a goat whisperer and a bee charmer. He earned his Permaculture Design Certificate in 2010.

Fia is now twelve. When she’s not with her horses, she can be found mixing potions in her red kitchen or installing one of her Faerie scenes into a forgotten corner (or all over the dining room table) or performing puppet shows for her friends. She rolls a mean rrr and is a master hostess to Farm-Stayers.

Xoco is now nine and loves to help in the kitchen and would rather operate the Cuisenart than just about anything else life offers. He is also keen to dress himself up in whacky ways. As a youngster, he could often be found saying, “We are working very hard… We are having a wonderful time” as he helped with farm chores. No he mostly builds fort prototypes out of lego.


What People are Saying:

I fell love with this house, it’s people, and the energy flowing through it. Krista and Co. are extremely welcoming and involved in the creation of a sustainable and eco-”friendly” community. Bring your rain boots and an open mind.   ~ Madeleine Perlman, New York/Spain

Krista and David were awesome hosts! They have an amazing urban farmhouse happening in the super sweet city of Portland! Not the usual bed and breakfast – better.   ~ Katie, Australia

It’s not the practical aspects that make this house so appealing, its the warm, loving interaction of the the family, the kindness and consideration they show each other and their guests. And they have goats, ducks, chickens and bees, how fun is that?   ~ Jenny, California

I dare you to come away from your experience at Tierra Soul without being inspired to re-evaluate your own approach to life, food and family!   ~ Jennifer & Rich Beauman, Florida