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FPRbanner2014The Front Porch Revolution

We want to invite you over to hang out on our front porch with us while we take a look at the good life and what it means to live it. So we have created a month long program with weekly lessons and exercises to help you manifest the good life right on your very own front porch (or equivalent – no front porch required). Join the Revolution


LLL-28-Day-inner-winter-celebration.new_28 Day Inner Winter Celebration

Explore the natural world, the stones, the plants, the animals and ourselves. We will ask our heads, our hands and our hearts to unveil the mysteries of the season. Drawing on Lazy-Lady Living principles and daily contemplations we will guide you into a deep honoring of your inner light. Grasping this light allows you to enter the deeper places of darkness and transformation that Winter inevitably brings. Go deep this winter



Top 10 Supplement Eliminator

Tired taking all those supplements all the time? Well, we have a solution. Use food instead. With this handy little e-book we share with you the top 10 supplements we use most often with your Nutritional Therapy clients. Then we tell you what foods you can use in place of each of these supplements. Shift to food as often or as little as the moment requires. Voila!  Grab your copy