Farm School


We have been busy carefully crafting a series of unique and life-changing classes and workshops designed just for you. Many of them can be completed from the comfort of your own kitchen or studio. Some take place here at Tierra Soul HQ. All of them will help you reach a new level in your quest for, and dream of, simplicity and sustainability.

LLL-banner-oneLazy-Lady Living: Sustainable Living E-Course

Sustainable sustainability program: Permaculture, Biodynamic Farming, Nutrient Density, Water, Energy, Natural Building, Seasonal Celebrations, Ethical Business… and more. This is where we share all our secrets and what we learned from the last 10+ years of urban farming. Learn from our mistakes. Not another how-to course to add to your sense of inadequacy, but rather a refreshing set of principles and a philosophy to free you. Learn More


FF banner oneFolklore Foods: Healthy Cooking Class

Learn everything you need to know to get started preparing Nutrient Dense Traditional Foods for yourself and your family. Includes 6 lessons covering: Cultured Dairy, Soaked Grains, Cultured Veggies, Bone Stock, Sodas & Tonics. We will also delve into Kitchen Rhythms, Food Folklore and the Nutritional Science behind why these methods work to restore and maintain health and vitality. Learn More


Soup & Story smallSoup & Story Salon

Join us for our FREE seasonal community salon series. We make the soup. Bring your story and a dish to share. Learn More


barn raising smallSeasonal Barn Raisings

Learn through doing, connect with others and share your skills and knowledge all while raising a barn of some sort in alignment with the season. 2013/14, bee hives & chicken coop, sauna & outdoor shower, cob oven. Sign-up for our E-Zine and we’ll keep ya posted.


headerTSimageFarm Tour

Wanna check out our scene? Come hang out for a Farm-Tour ~ Saturday’s at 9am.

RSVP required.