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Tierra Soul :: Earth-School

I have spent a number of years carefully dreaming, crafting and revising a series of unique and life-changing e-courses designed just for you. All of them can be completed from the comfort of your own studio, kitchen or couch. Each will help you in a different area of your quest for, and dream of, simplicity, sustainability and belonging.

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The DIY Supplement Oracle :: take the right supplements now

This DIY virtual program helps determine just the right supplements to help you reach a new level of nutritional wellness. This “oracle” taps into the nutritional dimensions of small symptoms like white spots on nailshair loss at edges of eyebrows, or restless legs when falling asleep. $129 Learn More

Soft Animal :: recovering your instinctual self

Soft Animal contains 5 lessons that will prepare you for the profound process of Myth Mending: What is Trauma?, Soft Animal Orientation, The Lemniscate, Archetypal Healing Motions and Myth Mending. This  is the basis for one-on-one Myth Mending sessions if you choose to delve further. $129 Learn More

The Front Porch Revolution :: summer solstice

We want to invite you over to hang out on our front porch with us while we take a look at the good life and what it means to live it. So we have created a month long program with weekly lessons and exercises to help you manifest the good life right on your very own front porch. $179 – Learn More

28 Day Inner Winter Celebration :: winter solstice

Explore the natural world, the stones, the plants, the animals and ourselves. We will ask our heads, our hands and our hearts to unveil the mysteries of the season. Daily contemplations will guide you into a deep honoring of your inner light. $179 – Learn More

Folklore Foods: ancestral cooking class

Learn to prepare nutrient dense traditional foods: Cultured Dairy, Soaked Grains, Cultured Veggies, Bone Stock, Sodas & Tonics. We will also delve into Kitchen Rhythms, Folklore, nutritional supplements, and the Nutritional Science behind why these methods work. $897 Learn More

Lazy-Lady (and lad) Living :: sustainability, permaculture, living in a good way

Learn my secrets from the last 10+ years of urban farming & reclaiming Indigenous land use practices. Not another how-to course to add to your sense of inadequacy, but a philosophy and a refreshing set of principles to liberate you. $897 Learn More

A Room of Her Own :: financial freedom for cultural creatives

You know you have a calling, a purpose in the world. You may even know what it is. It may not be writing fiction, but it is most certainly creative. You want to step into your work and have the world respond. You want to LOVE what you do to make money. $897 Learn More

Write to Save Yourself :: somatic healing through poetic imagination

“Write to save yourself,” Athos said. “And one day you’ll write because you’ve been saved” Explore the power of writing to express and to heal. We will explore free-writing in relation to dreaming, editing in relation to trauma resolution, and form in relation to living a good life. $897 Learn More