How do I talk to my children about death? part 2

There you are in the car . . . Grandma has passed away and you are on your way to her house to gather with family, wash her body, prepare her for vigil. Your 5 year old asks you: How did grandma die? You think back to last week's post. You have a few immediate thoughts: Ok, so I get it that its a good thing to be open with my children about death but what do I actually SAY? I mean, would I say uncle Bob was murdered or [...]


How do I talk to my children about death?

Q: How do I talk to my kids about death? I mean how do I even talk to myself about death - especially in front of others? What if I hurt my children by talking about death? or curse them, or frighten them? A: We finally left the Humane Society with a god, I mean, doG. There have been so many empty handed visits in the last few months - since we got the land in White Salmon. We named her that evening: Luna Waapatui (first came Waapatui and then [...]