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Inner Peace and the Wisdom of the Pause :: what I learned from French parenting

This week has been a strange week. Mid week I had a sort of seizure of sadness that had such a tug I really couldn't resist it. You see, about two weeks ago I quit drinking caffeine. Caffeine and I have had a rocky relationship. It's clearly not good for me and I don't mean the kind of not-good where I know I shouldn't have it because of some research study or health guru's proclamation. No, it's the kind of thing where within hours of ingesting the stuff a slew [...]


10 Steps Towards Getting the Break You Need, Tired Mama, Without Relying on TV

Fall is coming, the season of dying leaves and of the ancestors. Everything is winding down and moving inward. As we shift into this contraction of the seasons, there is also a move inside. We start moving inside the classroom, inside the house, inside the body. It is a time of connection and community, but it is also a time of increasing solitude and cabin fever. It is the beginning of the hardest time of the year to resist media as a way of breaking the monotony and a good [...]


Backyard Mason Bees

Dear Hettie, What's the difference between Honey Bees and Mason Bees? I have been focusing on planting edibles in my yard and think I should have honey bees since they actually produce something I can use - honey. Why would I want to add Mason Bees anyway? Answer: Oh, my.... quacks Grandmother Hettie (yes, Hettie is now a wise old grey-feathered Duck), "Mason Bees are a wonderful addition to any garden!" Here is why: First of all, here is a little basic info about Mason Bees. They are solitary bees [...]


Doing it Different @Tierra Soul

Recently I (Krista) was interviewed for the Mom's Who Do It Different Tele-Series with Sherry Rothwell. I had the chance to talk quite a bit about Permaculture and Lazy-Lady Living as well as about our path toward Financial Freedom while maintaining our Renegade Pioneering Spirit. Just click the "Interview with Sherry"link below. We think you're gonna love it! Love it? Consider subscribing to the complete ‘Mamaprenuers Who Do it Different’ interview series where Sherry interviews women who are just like you and well known mentors (and healers) who can help [...]


Plant Your Entire Garden While watching Mad Men . . . on the couch (no joke)

If you're like me (Mama Soul) you have the best of intentions for planting a garden, but even when the weather is right you tend to procrastinate. It's partly because your too lazy to bend over to do the planting, and then you have to count 2-3 seeds and dig holes of certain depths for each variety. It's enough to make you want to scream, especially if you're a beginner. It also has to do with that sore back or creaky knees you seem to be able to ignore most [...]


It is All in the Lard, Lady

Dear Hettie, I love the soap at Tierra Soul. Is the recipe a farm secret? Lori (a Farm-Stay Guest) It is all in the Lard, Lady! When we passed this question on to Madame Hettie, she didn't even skip a beat before answering. She's right, Lard is our secret, and now it can be yours! Of course we teach a whole segment on this topic called Urban Apothecary: Soaps Salves Tinctures and Tonics in our Lazy-Lady Living program, but we want to give you some tips right now so you [...]


Financial Recovery – book review

Financial Recovery, Karen McCall, 2011, Non-Fiction, Financial, paperback, $14.95, 978-1-57731-928-3 In her recent book, Financial recovery, Karen McCall shares the principles and methods she discovered in her personal experience and fine-tuned in working with thousands of people from all walks of life in finding the hope, courage, and ultimately, freedom in recovering from confused and wounded relationships with money and earning. Her approach offers more than a pragmatic scheme, but rather a process that is well designed to slowly unfold a new relationship with money without “crash budgeting” and giving [...]


Will Your Carrots Grow if Theyre Not In A Row?

Dear Hettie, I am an urban farmer, but recently heard about wildcrafting and wonder, is it is compatible with what I'm already doing? ~ Jennifer Well, says Hettie, You really should know about a thing called "backyard wildcrafting." Let me explain: Urban farming is all the rage. in our hometown of Portland, Oregon. There are small scale agricultural projects all over the place, in backyards, in restaurant side-yards and vacant lots. It's exciting, and also a little frustrating. For the most part they look like this: "That's pretty," you say. [...]


Tierra Soul Style Italian Soda, a lacto-fermented cold infusion

This recipe is a wonderful lacto-fermented cold infusion of Hibiscus and Rose Hips (cold infusion protects the delicate Vitamin C of the Hibiscus and Rose Hips). It is simple and kids LOVE it. In order to make ti you will need a 2 qt. mason jar and a few bale-top brewing bottles. Ingredients • 1/2 cup Hibiscus Flowers • 1/4 cup Rose Hips • Just under 2 quarts filtered or spring water in a 2 quart mason jar • 1 lime • 1 cup raw local honey • ~ 1 [...]


Imagination before Dilation…

How Cervical Dilation Checks Undermine the Imaginal Power of Birthing Women. Imagination is more important than knowledge.  – Albert Einstein I recently had an epiphany while explaining to a client why I don't do Cervical Exams, and why I don't teach women, or their husbands, to do them either. I started explaining the notion that cervical checks are an unnecessary intervention that don't actually give us any useful information about labor progress, and that when a woman asks to be checked I prefer to ask her to check in [...]

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